At the core of reliable power supply to the city is the unique 'Islanding System' pioneered by Tata Power, due to which the city of Mumbai has the advantage of assured uninterrupted reliable supply of power. Invalid readings/delayed submissions of readings cannot be used for billing purposes, in such events the billing for the corresponding month will be estimated as per regulations. The number shown below IMP is your meter read. You need to just make sure that you switch off appliances like PC etc where you can loose data. endobj 13 The Tata Power Company jobs available on Tata Power commissions one of the Largest Radio Frequency Metering Projects in India To make life easier for its consumers, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL) has introduced meter reading service via WhatsApp. 4 0 obj Tata Power is the largest power generation company in India aimed at providing uninterrupted power supply from its various plants located across India. This feature is very useful for customers whose meters are inside their premise or not easily accessible to Torrent Power Meter Readers. ShareTata Power-DDL, supplying electricity to a population of 7 million in North Delhi, has introduced a smart feature of self-meter reading for its consumers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Government of Delhi D.E.R.C Tata Power Company Limited Tata Group of Companies CERC ATE CEA Northern Regional Load Despatch Centre State Load Despatch Centre Website Visitors : 97220441 Tata Power will also roll out other communication provisions for its customers, which will help them find information, raise concerns and share feedback over Kaizala. endobj 9 0 obj x��X[ob7~G�?�v�k��yh���JU� �>d�@���U�i�~gl>�`���0�?�������2���1g-�L endstream <> <> said an AEML spokesperson said on Pannu's high bill complaint. In Bangalore and in the eight districts of Karnataka, Bangalore Electric Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) is responsible for power distribution. Tata Power-DDL provides services like Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Smart Metering systems and Smart grid. Tata Power team would take a note of the Reliance meter’s reading, switch off your power, pull out Reliance Energy’s meter and put their own. Given below are the guidelines for availing changeover of Power Supply from R-Infra to Tata Power : 1. endobj With the service, consumers can send meter reading along with the photograph to the dedicated WhatsApp No. 11 0 obj Consumers can send the reading with a picture of the electric meter at the WhatsApp Number 9667558009. Dear sir, Mumbai, TATA power Consumer No. This meter reading is 12345. AMR is available to all the customers greater than equal to 11 KW. I also understand that Tata Communications Ltd. and its subsidiaries operate in locations globally and consent to have the applicable Tata Communications entity contact me. Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL) has launched a Smart Meter Reading Device (SMRD) designed to facilitate accurate and error-free reading of meters … x�����0 ����pX����pX���j1X���h0���`�1T�l���`Vf#R"�]Q[�Z��Ιr�����zJt]=F���'��B�}o�W�۶�u�΁suY`�a����y�? Power Supply Application Form (PSAF) needs to be filled up and submitted to any of 1. Tata Power Monthly share price target downside target 2: 47.47; Tata Power Monthly share price target upside target 1: 69.43; Tata Power Monthly share price target upside target 2: 73.97; If the price of Tata Power is trading below 60.72 then possibility of downside targets getting achieved is higher. 2 0 obj The company was later re-named Tata Power-Delhi Distribution Ltd (TPDDL).TPDDL supplies electricity in its Licensed Area of north & North West Delhi spread over 510 square kilometers to over 1.51 million consumers. @���x$���d�a See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ramesh’s connections and jobs at similar companies. endobj Tata Power is India’s largest integrated power company and, together with its subsidiaries & jointly controlled entities, has an installed/ managed capacity of 12,742 MW. stream Tata Power offers multiple benefits to its consumers with the most competitive and economical tariff, along with delivering excellent customer service at par with international benchmarks. Dharavi Receiving Station Near Shalimar Industrial Estate Matunga,, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400019, India, * : Meaurement Capability is expressed as an uncertainty (±) at a Confidence probability of 95 %, # : The laboratory is also capable for site calibration however, the uncertainty at site depends on the prevailing actual environmental conditions and master equipment used, Φ : Laboratory can also Caibrate instruments/devices of coarser resolution/ least count within the accredited range using same reference standard/ master equipment under the scope of accreditation, Send your testing and calibration requirement for quick response. <> They produce both conventional and renewable energy to meet the country's growing power needs. Helps you plan your activities if you need to keep your premise open or take steps to provide access to your meter on reading dates. endobj <> Shackle Electrical Insulator, Helically Formed Fitting For Overhead Lines Upto 33 KV, Insulator Fittings For Overhead Power Lines With Normal Voltage Greater Than 1000 V, Mild Steel & Medium Tensile Steel Bar & H.D. This entire process takes less than 5 minutes. Cement Mortar And Concrete For Use As Admixture In Cement Mortar And Concrete Testing, Hot-Dip Galvanizing Of Iron And Steel Testing, Austenitic Stainless Steel Castings And Weld Metals Testing, Carbon And Alloy Steel Nuts & Bolts Testing, Ferric Austenite & Ferric Austenite Duplex Stainless Steel, Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metals & High Strength Deformed Steel Bars, Galvanised M.S Hardware Fittings For L.T. Cement mortar and concrete for use as admixture in cement mortar and concrete testing, Heavy Duty Burnt Clay Building Bricks Testing, High Strength Deformed Steel Bars Testing, Hot Rolled Low , Medium And High Tensile Structural Steel Testing, Hot-Dip galvanizing of Iron and Steel Testing, Hot-Dipped Galvanized Coatings On Round Steel Wires Testing, Mass Of Zinc Coating On Iron & Steel Articles Testing, Plywood For Concrete Shuttering Work Testing, Resin Treated Compressed Wood Laminates Testing, Thermoplastic Road Marking Material Testing, Uncoated Stress Relieved Low Relaxation Seven Ply Strand For Prestressed Concrete Testing, Austenitic stainless steel castings and weld metals testing, Carbon and Alloy Steel Nuts & Bolts Testing, Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steel And Strip Testing, Ferric Austenite & Ferric Austenite duplex stainless steel, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals & Alloys Testing, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Tube Fittings Testing, Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals & High Strength deformed steel Bars, Ferrous Materials, Alloys & Products Testing, Galvanised M.S Hardware Fittings for L.T. Tubuler & Other steel fittings test, Hollow insulators for use in electrical equipment testing, I & V Suspension Tension String Upto & Including 800 KV Rating, Insulator Strings of Single/Twin/Triple /Quad Tension, Steel & Cast Iron Specimen & Components Testing, Copper Materials, Alloys & Products Testing, Determining Volume Fraction by systematic manual point count testing, Electro Plates Coatings for Both Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Testing, Metallic/ Non Metallic coating on Ferrous/Non Ferrous, Steel, Aluminium & Copper Material Testing, Steel, Cu and Cu-alloys, Sheet, Strip & Pipe Testing, Strong & Weak acid cation and strong & Weak base anion exchange resins, Measurement of Insertion Loss Ducts and Mufflers, Measurement of Noise Reduction of Sound Isolating Enclosures, Coupler Joint/ Welded Joint/ Barbed Wire Block, Pipes & Fittings/ Valves Bib Cock and Stop cock, Adhesives-Flexible to Flexible Bonded Assemblied, Automotive Vehicles-Tubes for Pneumatic Tyre Testing, Conduit Systems for Electrical Installation, Containers For Packaged Drinking Water Testing, Decorative Thermosetting Synthetic Resing Bonded Laminated Sheets Testing, EPDM Rubber and other rubber allied products, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), Flexible Polyurethane Foam for domestic mattresses, Flexible rubber tubing for liquefied Petroleum Gas, HDPE/PP Woven Sacks for Packaging Food Grains, HDPE/PP Woven Sacks for Packing Fertilizers, High Density Polyethylene Pipes For Water Supply Testing, Irrigation Equipment Emitting Pipe Systems, Irrigation equipment Polyethylene pipe for Irrigation Laterals, Irrigation equipment Sprinkler Pipes-Quick Coupled Polyethylene, Irrigation Equipment Sprinkler Polyethylene Pipes, Laminated HDPE Woven Fabric (Geo-Membane) for Waterproof Lining, PE/AI/PE Composite Pressure Pipes for Hot and Cold Application, Polyethylene Flexible Pouches For The Packing Of Natural Mineral Water & Packaged Drinking Water Testing, PPR Pipes for hot and cold water Plastics Material, Raw rubber/Ingredients/Compound/Products Testing, Rotational Molded Polyethylene Water Storage tanks, Rubber Braided wire hose/ LPG Hose Testing, Rubber composite products such as Mounts/Bushes Testing, Rubber flooring materials for general purpose, Rubber to Fabric composite product/ Radiator Hose/Belt Testing, UPVC Injection Molded Fittings for Soil and Waste Discharge System, UPVC Screen and Casing Pipes for Bore/Tube Well, XLPE Insulated Thermoplastics Sheated Cables, Non Conductive Protective Coating on Conductive Substrate, Bond Evaluation White Metal, Steel / Bronze, Butt Welds In Ferritic Steel & Steel Plates, Copper Base & Nickel- Copper Alloy Casting, Welding Rod/ Filler Material/ Welding Electrode, Weldments of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal, Ballast for High Pressure Mercury Vapour Lamps, Ballast for High Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamps, Flood Light Luminaires for Flourescent GLS, General Purpose Luminaiers for Flourescent, High Intensity Discharge (HID) Sodium Vapour and Mental Halide Lamps, Portable General Purpose Luminaires For Flourescent, Biscuit Protein Rich Nutrition Testing (Biological), Wheat Flour Biscuit Industry Testing (Biological), All Sterile Products (Parental Preparetions, Bulk Solids) Testing (Biological), All Sterile Products (Surgical Dressing And Devices) Testing (Biological), Antibiotics (liquid/ Solids) Testing (Biological), Crosscarmellose Sodium Testing (Biological), Formulations Having Identical Tests Testing (Biological), Gentamicin Sulphate (IP) Testing (Biological), Maize Starch (Pre- Gelatinized Starch) Testing (Biological), Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials And Preparations Testing (Biological), Tablets Containing Folic Acid And Iron Testing (Biological), Tablets Containing: Folic Acid,vitamin B12, Zinc And Iron Testing (Biological), Canned And Processed Food Testing (Biological), Coconut And Coconut Products Testing (Biological), Edible Colours And Flavours Testing (Biological), Egg And Egg Products Testing (Biological), Food Additives And Preservatives Testing (Biological), Gelatin And Other Gums Testing (Biological), General Food (fruit & VEgetable Juice, Spices ,Poudding, Jellies , Cocoa And Dry Yeast Powder, Beverage Powder, Peppermint Products Sauces, Sausages Fruits, Fish Fillet Etc.) Meter Reading (Regulation 7.2 of MERC, Standards of Performance Regulations, 2014) a b c d e f=d+e g h i=g+h j=f-i 18 7.2 Meter Reading 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 endobj %���� stream Known for their remarkable contribution in the field of renewable and non-renewable power generation, the Meter Testing and Calibration Laboratory of the TATA Power Company Limited has also been accredited with ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 for their Testing discipline. endobj The consumers will generate an OTP by clicking on the link and entering their consumer number. One of the three entities in the said PPP restructuring was NDPL (North Delhi Power Ltd.), a joint venture between Tata Power Co. Ltd (51%) and the Government of Delhi (49%). Tata Power- DDL promotes Self-Meter Reading to ensure consumer safety during Covid-19 Date : Jun 03, 2020 • Consumers can now capture their meter readings through a web-link sent by the company via SMS on registered mobile numbers Transfer of electricity meter to your name is simple and hassle-free process. GUIDELINES TO SHIFT TO TATA POWER 1. 9667558009. No meter reading, so give average power bills, fix glitches: MERC Coronavirus in Mumbai update: Today's news from your locked-down city Neeti Mohan-Rahul Dua go #FullOn with Galaxy F41. endobj Consumers will also be able to pay bills from their smartphones and receive notifications regarding meter readings and other updates using the app, a press release from the companies said. Tata Power will also roll out other communication provisions for its customers, which will help them find information, raise concerns and share feedback over Kaizala. It offers Electrical Testing of Measuring Instruments such as AC Static Watthour Meters (Class 1 and Class 2) using Limits of Error Test, AC Static Transformer operated Watthour and Var-Hour Meters (Class 0.2S, 0.5S, and 1.0S) using Starting Condition Test, No-Load Condition Test, Repeatability of Error Test, Power Consumption Test, Meter Constant Test, Insulation Resistance Test. Tata Power TATAPOWER forecast & targets Tata Power TATAPOWER share price forecast & targets for Intra Day are 75.13, 75.6, 74.65 on the downside, and 77.68, 78.15, 79.75 on the upside. Mr. Ashok Sethi, COO & ED, Tata Power, said, “Tata Power has always been a leader in adopting latest technology to bring value to its consumers and this technology would enable us to bring Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to our residential consumers.” ��K��x�e�}�JK6�\�6�)*���Mr�����c?6,%6�*��n���� !�҂��u�nWl���N�K11*6�]L� pQH��\�ZRce��&d�ߧ��5��ž���f�|%?�h��""5������C�V�=i���eI�*D�'�,�Z���uˍ��s'�s]���A�m�kn�U�N#]��U�(��J'ṕn���TX?$|���D���ɗc�_� John Cronin, Executive Chairman of Cyan, commented, “I am pleased to update our customers, partners and shareholders that the first volume rollout of Cyan smart metering technology has been a success. I understand that the contacting entity may be located in a different country than me. Testing (Biological), Groundnut and groundnut meal Testing (Biological), Herbs,spices and condiments Testing (Biological), Honey & Honey Products Testing (Biological), Infant Milk Substitutes Testing (Biological), Maize and maize derived products Testing (Biological), Meat & Meat Products Testing (Biological), Milk and Dairy Products Testing (Biological), Milk cereal Based Complementary Food Testing (Biological), Milk Cereal Based Weaning Food Testing (Biological), Nuts & Nuts Products Testing (Biological), Poultry and poultry products Testing (Biological), Processed cereal based Complementary food Testing (Biological), Processed Cereal Based Weaning Testing (Biological), Processed Food (Jam,Juices,Sauces & Concentrates) Testing (Biological), Processed Fruits And Vegetables Testing (Biological), Processed Ready To Eat Food Testing (Biological), Protein rich food supplements for infants and preschool children Testing (Biological), Quick Frozen Vegetables Testing (Biological), Rapeseed and Rapeseed meal Testing (Biological), Ready To Eat Protein Rich Extruded Testing (Biological), Snacks and instant mixes Testing (Biological), Soya and soya derived products Testing (Biological), Starch & Starch Products Testing (Biological), Starchy Breads And Wraps Testing (Biological), Starchy Breakfast Food Testing (Biological), Starchy Cereal And Grains Testing (Biological), Starchy Nuts And Seeds Testing (Biological), Sugar and sugar based confectionary Testing (Biological), Thermally Processed Fruits And Vegetables Testing (Biological), Vegetable and vegetable products Testing (Biological), Non sterile pharmaceutical products Testing (Biological), Herbal Formulation (juices, soap, shaving lotion, food supplements) Testing (Biological), Plant And Plant Materials Testing (Biological), Carbonated beverages Testing (Biological), Fruit Syrups/Sharbat Testing (Biological), Synthetic Syrups/Sharbats Testing (Biological), Oil Seeds and By Products Testing (Biological), Processed Oils And Fats Testing (Biological), Effluent And Sewage water Testing (Biological), Ground water/surface water Testing (Biological), Packaged Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Packaged Natural Mineral Water Testing (Biological), Water For Construction Use Testing (Biological), Water For Processed Food Testing (Biological), Water For Swimming Pool Testing (Biological), Adhesive (Additive liners used in defense requirements), Adhesive (Ammunition protective compositions), Ceramic ware, Glass ware, Stoneware, Pewter, Granulated Slag for the Manufacture of Portland Slag Cement, Preservatives Solution : CCB Solution (Copper Chrome Boric Acid), Production made up (Glass,Metal,Liquid,Ceramic, Siliceous matrix based samples), Essential Oil of Petitgrain, Paraguayan Type, Oil of Thyme Containing Thymol, Spanish Type, Amoxicillin Trihydrate Dispersible Tablet, Amoxycillin & Potassium Clavulanate Tablets Ip, Amoxycillin and Potassium Clavulanate Oral Suspension, Divalproex Sodium Delayed release tablet USP, Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride Tablets Ip, Losartan Potassium & Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets Usp, Metal/ Mineral drugs (Iron , Copper, Calcium, Potassium ), Metformin Hydrochloride Extended Release Tablets Ip, Omeprazole Magnesium & Domperidone Tablets, Paracetamol, Caffeine & Chlorpheniramine Maleate Tablets, Paracetamol, Caffeine, Chlorpheniramine Maleare & Phenylephrine Hcl Tablets, Pseudoephedrine Hcl & Triprolidine Tablets, Rasa/ Bhasma/ Louha/ Mandoor/ Pishti/Perpati, S (-) Amlodipine Besilate & Atenolol Tablets, Sodium Feredetate, Folic Acid & Zinc Sulphate Tablets, Sodium Valproate & Valproic Acid Controlled Release Tablets, Sustained release Propranolol Hydrochloride Capsules, Telmisartan and hydrochlorothiazide tablets, Tramadol Hydrochloride & Paracetamol Tablets, Tramadol Hydrochloride Sustained Release Tablets, Cereals And Pulses Whole (Rice, Wheat, Maize, Chick Pea, Rajma, Bengal Gram, Soya Bean, Dals), Cereals, Pulses, Cotton Grains, Seeds, Husks, Flours, Nut & Nut Products, Fats And Oils (Mustard Oil, Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Ghee, Cotton Seed Oil, Groundnut Oil), Fresh Fruits And Vegetables, Spices, Cereals, Grains , Herbs , Raw Material, Processed And Finished Food, Protein rich food supplements for infants and preschool children, Sugar Boiled Confectionery/Toffees Cocoa Powder /Cocoa Butter, Ethyl Trifluoroacetate (Specialty Chemicals), Parabromo fluorobenzene (Specialty Chemicals), Pentafluoro-benzoic Acid (Specialty Chemicals), Tetrafluorobenzyl Alcohol (Specialty Chemicals), Trifluoroacetic Acid (Specialty Chemicals), Safety Toys (Migration of certain elements), Austenitic and Stainless Steel by Arc/ Spark PMI, Bulk Materials including Loose fill insulations, acoustic and thermal sprays, Pipe and boiler wraps, plasters, paints, flppring products, roofing materials, gaskets, cementitous products etc, Elements in Metal & alloy samples- Solid/Liquid, Metallic material by portable XRF based machine, Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (ROHS), Simulation of wear and corrosion for the detection of Nickel release from coated items, Aluminium Paint for General Purpose in Dual Container, Ready Mixed Paint Bituminous, Brushing, Alkali, Acid, Heat, Resistance, Ready mixed paint brushing, finishing semi- gloss, Ready Mixed Red Oxide Zinc Chrome Priming, Pesticide Residues in Food and Food Products, Aerial Bunched Cables for Working Upto & Including 1100 V (XLPE Cables), Containers for Packaging of Natural Mineral Water and Packaged Drinking Water, HDPE/PP/Woven sack for packing 50 Kg/25 Kg food grain, High Density Polyethylene for Moulding and Extrusion, Injection Moulded PVC Fitting with Solvent Cement joints for Water Supplies Sewerage, Irrigation Equipment emitting pipe system, Irrigation Equipments Polyethylene pipes for irrigation Lateral Irrigation Equipment Sprinkler Pipes Polyethylene, PE/AI/ PE Composite Pressure pipes for Hot & Cold Applications, Polyethylene Irrigation Equipment- Sprinkler Pipes, PVC Screen and casing Pipes for / Tube Well, PVC Water Stops at Transverse Contraction Joints, Rotational Molded Polyethylene Water Storage tank, Rubber Polymers (Migration of certain elements), Specification for PVC and its co- Polymers for its Safe Use in Contact with Food Stuffs, Pharmaceuticals & Drinking Water, Textile- Laminated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Woven Fabric for Water Proofing Lining, Toys and other articles intended for use by Children, Unplasticized Non- Pressure Polyvinylchloridev (PVC-U) Pipes For Use in Underground Drainage and Sewerage Systems, UPVC Injectiuon Molded Fittings For Soil and Waste Discharge Syetm for Inside and outside Buildings Including Ventilation and Rain Water System, UPVC Pipes for Soil and Waste Discharge System inside buildings including ventilation and Rain Water System, UPVC Screen and Casing Pipes for Bore/Tube Well, Fish And Fishery Products Including Shrimps, Squid, Cuttlefish, Tuna, Processed Food, Textile Made of Polyester and Natural Fibre, Textile Products Containing Synthetic Fibers, Condensate water for Highh pressure Boiler, Packaged Drinking Water(Other Than Mineral Water), Cross Linked Polyethylene Insulated PVC Sheathed Cables Testing, Capacitor/Surge Capacitor/Electrolytic Capacitor/Shunt Capacitor/Series Capacitor Testing, Electric Ceiling Fan/Regulators/Fan Motors Testing, Hot Air Fan Portable Electric Motor Operated Tools, Propeller Type Ac Ventilating Fan Testing, Stationary Storage Type Electric Water Heater/Electric Instantaneous Water Testing, Power And Distribution Transformers Testing, Circuit-Breakers For Overcurrent Protection For Household And Similar Installations Testing, Rigid plain Conduits of Insulating Material, Switches For Domestic Purposes/Plug & Socket Testing, House hold Electronics Apppliances- CRT,TV,LCD,Plasma displays, Environmental Testing of Electronics & Electrical Items, Audio,Video and Similar ElectronicApparatus, Desktop computers/Note book computers, Tablets, Think 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There are number of stories where apartment owners successfully transferred name in electricity meter from previous owner to their name without paying any bribe. In recent times, most of the private electricity suppliers (TATA power, Reliance energy etc.,) were relying on latest advanced techniques of energy meter data collection. You need to just make sure that you switch off appliances like PC etc where you can loose data. Network Operations Technician, Operations Intern, Hiring For Tpddl and more! Testing (Biological), Antibiotics (liquid/ solids) Testing (Biological), Ayurvedic Finish/ Raw Material Testing (Biological), Biotechnology Derived Testing (Biological), Calcium Pantothenate (In Formulation) Testing (Biological), Crosscarmellose sodium Testing (Biological), Cyanocobalamin (In Formulation) Testing (Biological), Drug Intermediate/ Raw Materials/ Finish Products Testing (Biological), Erythromycin Stearate Tablet IP Testing (Biological), Formulations having Identical Tests Testing (Biological), Gentamicin In-Eye-Ear Drops Testing (Biological), Gentamicin In-Injectable Preparations Testing (Biological), Gentamicin sulphate (IP) Testing (Biological), Immunological Products Testing (Biological), Liquid Oral Dosages (Syrup) Testing (Biological), Maize Starch (Pre- gelatinized Starch) Testing (Biological), Methylobalamin (In Formulation) Testing (Biological), Microcrystalline Cellulose Testing (Biological), Multivitamin Capsules Testing (Biological), Multivitamin Tablets Testing (Biological), Neomycin Sulfate Cream USP Testing (Biological), Neomycin Sulfate Ointment USP Testing (Biological), Neomycin Sulphate (IP) Testing (Biological), Nutritional Supplements Testing (Biological), Parenteral Preparations Testing (Biological), Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials and Preparations Testing (Biological), Pharmacopoeial Parenteral Preparations Testing (Biological), Tablets containing Folic acid and Iron Testing (Biological), Tablets containing: Folic acid,vitamin B12, Zinc and Iron Testing (Biological), Vitamin B- Complex Tablets Testing (Biological), Vitamin Capsules Containing Vitamin B12 Testing (Biological), Vitamin With Mineral Blends Testing (Biological), Bakery & Confectionery Products Testing (Biological), Canned and processed food Testing (Biological), Cereals, Pulses & Cereal Products Testing (Biological), Coconut and coconut products Testing (Biological), Edible colours and flavours Testing (Biological), Edible Full Fat Soya Flour Testing (Biological), Egg and egg products Testing (Biological), Food additives and preservatives Testing (Biological), Fresh Processed Meat Products Testing (Biological), Fruit & Fruit Products Testing (Biological), Gelatin and other Gums Testing (Biological), General Food (fruit & VEgetable juice, spices ,Poudding, jellies , Cocoa and dry yeast powder, beverage powder, peppermint products sauces, sausages fruits, fish fillet etc.) ����W��f��G����/6�4�2O�5�KO��K�n'�t]��vu�*��,=݇�LM��3=�X[����t�=Vt� \�b�Tѵ�gvy�����$�Pw��]�f2��`�,���7s�84�\Np brcd�*0Kl~w;��6\���(��Ce�\�Β����Z��5-��?����)[�Я�\���‰s��k�L]�ι�ĝ3M������ryB7qE9lH�i�%��& W��>��w�����JO�s�2_S�m�m��j)��������?c�׫W���"e;�l�k��;� %PDF-1.5 endstream Here’s a way to maintain social distancing and keep yourself safe. SMS us, send: MR to 7065313030 Note: Only correct readings sent within the pre-billing period can be taken up for billing. View Ramesh Koul’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Tata Power team would take a note of the Reliance meter’s reading, switch off your power, pull out Reliance Energy’s meter and put their own. Tata power worked on a state-of-the-art IoT AMI solution to provide power measurement parameters such as instantaneous, load profile, tamper and billing information on periodic manner. Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) does not guarantee that the Service will be without delay or interruption or that the information supplied will be accurate or complete and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the information provided through Service. How to get a reading from this smart meter: Press the middle button. One of the three entities in the said PPP restructuring was NDPL (North Delhi Power Ltd.), a joint venture between Tata Power Co. Ltd (51%) and the Government of Delhi (49%). It is said that the average cost of meter reading is ₹40 (~$0.61) per meter, which will be completely avoided. You can press the middle button again to see all the readings. <> Tubuler & Other Steel Fittings Test, Hollow Insulators For Use In Electrical Equipment Testing, Insulator Strings Of Single/Twin/Triple /Quad Tension, Determining Volume Fraction By Systematic Manual Point Count Testing, Electro Plates Coatings For Both Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Testing, Metallic/ Non Metallic Coating On Ferrous/Non Ferrous, Steel, Cu And Cu-alloys, Sheet, Strip & Pipe Testing, Strong & Weak Acid Cation And Strong & Weak Base Anion Exchange Resins, Measurement Of Insertion Loss Ducts And Mufflers, Measurement Of Noise Reduction Of Sound Isolating Enclosures, Pipes & Fittings/ Valves Bib Cock And Stop Cock, Adhesives-Flexible To Flexible Bonded Assemblied, Automotive Vehicles-Tubes For Pneumatic Tyre Testing, Conduit Systems For Electrical Installation, EPDM Rubber And Other Rubber Allied Products, Flexible Polyurethane Foam For Domestic Mattresses, Flexible Rubber Tubing For Liquefied Petroleum Gas, HDPE/PP Woven Sacks For Packaging Food Grains, HDPE/PP Woven Sacks For Packing Fertilizers, Irrigation Equipment Polyethylene Pipe For Irrigation Laterals, Irrigation Equipment Sprinkler Pipes-Quick Coupled Polyethylene, Laminated HDPE Woven Fabric (Geo-Membane) For Waterproof Lining, PE/AI/PE Composite Pressure Pipes For Hot And Cold Application, PPR Pipes For Hot And Cold Water Plastics Material, Raw Rubber/Ingredients/Compound/Products Testing, Rotational Molded Polyethylene Water Storage Tanks, Rubber Braided Wire Hose/ LPG Hose Testing, Rubber Composite Products Such As Mounts/Bushes Testing, Rubber Flooring Materials For General Purpose, Rubber To Fabric Composite Product/ Radiator Hose/Belt Testing, UPVC Injection Molded Fittings For Soil And Waste Discharge System, UPVC Screen And Casing Pipes For Bore/Tube Well, Non Conductive Protective Coating On Conductive Substrate, Weldments Of Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metal, Ballast For High Pressure Mercury Vapour Lamps, Ballast For High Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamps, Flood Light Luminaires For Flourescent GLS, General Purpose Luminaiers For Flourescent, High Intensity Discharge (HID) Sodium Vapour And Mental Halide Lamps, Meter Testing and Standards Laboratory, Department of Electrical Inspectorate, Thiruvananthapuram, Meter Testing and Standards Laboratory, Department of Electrical Inspectorate, Kozhikode.