Carmelite definition: a member of an order of mendicant friars founded about 1154; White Friar | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Guild of Our Lady of Mt. Discerning a Carmelite Vocation ... in case of wear and tear. Carmelite Writings | The aim of the reform was to restore and emphasize the austerity and contemplative character of primitive Carmelite life. Please enable JavaScript to see this field. I was first a member of an enclosed (“cloistered”) monastic Order that is commonly known in the US as the Poor Clares . Discerning a Religious Vocation It is truly a privilege to wear the Carmelite Scapular. The Capuce. For more info call Rose at 757.880.6212 - The Original Plain OCDS Ceremonial Brown Scapular $25.00 Mystic Monk Coffee This garb is dubbed the "extraordinary work habit" and it serves as a protection for the brothers' safety during serious work. Question #4: What is the brown tabard you wear? Monastery Newsletters I'm a nun. Discalced Carmelites. { The Divine Office for (var i=1; i