This page serves as a summary for information purposes only, and are designed to enhance your shopping experience on the website. No artificial colours or flavours. £2 40p per 100g. Usage: 11 Servings. How to recycle. Naturally high fibre. Make for a great snack with or without milk. Like. £3 60p per 100g. Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, Oats & Honey (25g) – 4.5 Syns Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, Original (25g) – 4.5 Syns Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, Red Berries (25g) – 4.5 Syns Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, Yogurty (25g) – 5 Syns Kellogg’s Special K Chocolate Clusters Cereal (25g) – … Uncle Tobys Plus Protein Peach, Sultanas & Oat Clusters Uncle Tobys' cereal delivers "protein" and "fibre from whole grain to support healthy digestion". How to Make Your Own Granola Clusters. Perfect for nut lovers. 35g Sainsburys Multigrain Porridge Oats. Quaker Oats Warm & Crunchy Oat Clusters Raisin & Sultana 8 Sachets. Oatilicious clusters. ASDA Ready Oats (Per 100g) 376 Calories. With wholegrain. As well as wheat based options, there are plenty of gluten free options for healthy extra B, so those who are intolerant or have a preference to gluten free are catered for. Yogurt & Oat Clusters. Flavour bursting blackberries. Whole Grain; Low Sat Fat; High Fibre; Also available in Raisin Oats & More . 40g Aldi Harvest Morn Instant Hot Oats Cereal, dried. Honey Toasted Oat Clusters with Sultanas & Apple Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours. Turns out, they were £2.99 each. Brand details. Ingredients. 40g Aldi Harvest Morn Malted Wheaties Cereal 625g pack . Established in 1877 by Henry Parsons Crowell, Quaker Oats was created with the belief that everyone, everywhere should have access to good nutrition. Oat Granola is available in three flavours: apple & cinnamon, honey & almond, and raisin. Until now, that is. Get Deal. You'll be among the first to hear about our latest products and offers, like our award-winning wines and amazing Specialbuys. Add to trolley. 12th Dec. 22 people like this deal. The tastiest oats, naturally. The naughty sounding cereal had piqued my interest on a number of occasions, and Alex's high praises gave me the push I needed to stump up the £2 for the 500g bag -not bad value really. 2 comments. The majority of granolas, however, will contain some extras to add flavour and nutritional benefits. Jordans Strawberry Country Crisp 500g 500g. The clusters in ours were so big they were like golf balls so had to be smashed prior to eating. Crunchy Oat Clusters with Freeze-Dried Raspberries Blackberries and Redcurrants. 40+ recipes inside. Was this helpful? £3 40p per 100g. Add to trolley. £2 £3. ALL PRODUCTS YOGURT & OAT CLUSTERS THICK & CREAMY YOGURT KEFIR BREAKFAST BIRCHER BREAKFAST SMOOTHIES Our new pot Where to buy Say Hello Our Story Home OUR RANGE. Sainsburys, Tesco, Lidl and Asda to name a few! Asda Good Living magazine is Asda's in store monthly magazine filled with delicious and budget friendly recipes, plus homes, beauty and George fashion inspiration! It is crunchy oat clusters and low fat natural Irish. Crisp cereal clusters with flaked almonds, chopped Brazil nuts, chopped pecan nuts & roasted chopped hazelnuts. Jordans Crunchy Oat Granola Tropical 750g 750g. 8 Sins. The Healthy B allowance is a key element of the slimming world plan, it contributes to our fibre intake and helps us feel full. Oats is also not emphasised on the label. No longer stocked. If you prefer your food without the frills or like to add your own toppings, there are plenty of brands that offer this so you can enjoy pure, unadulterated granola bliss. Learn more . Crunchy Oat Clusters with Freeze-Dried Raspberries, Blackberries and Redcurrants. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Add to trolley. This means the product is suitable for someone following a gluten free diet, however, it is not suitable for those who have an allergy to Oats. Where to buy . When it comes to healthy vegan recipes, oat clusters are damn near the top of my list. 40g Aldi Kavanaghs Porridge Oats, dried 1.5kg pack. Calculate. Mornflake . Suitable for vegetarians. Clusters: Asda: Asda's Maple and Pecan Crisp, Cereals, 500g. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. THICK & CREAMY LAYERED YOGURT. To maintain optimum quality after opening store in an airtight container and use within two months, and by the best before date. Kellogg's Corn Flakes, 2 X 1kg. Yum-a-licious! Add to trolley. Perfect picnics - great food to pack up and take outside. I asked him which is his favourite and he was recommended the White Chocolate & Raspberry version from ASDA. It is suitable for vegetarian. $2.66. No added salt. 40g Aldi Harvest Morn Scottish Porridge Oats, dried 1kg pack. I went for the Golden Crunch and Cranberry & Apple flavours. Get ready for light and crunchy golden oat clusters with flaked almonds, roasted hazelnuts, chopped Brazil and pecan nuts. Small & sweet red currants. That is why it makes perfect sense for Quaker Oats to release their NEW Warm & Crunchy Oat Clusters, straight bang in the middle of Summer - Clearly, a well thought out decision on their behalf. Brand. Jordans Fruit & Nut Muesli 620g 620g. Quaker Oats Super Goodness Nutri Boost Porridge, Original, No Added Sugar, dried (25g) – 4.5 Syns Quaker Oats Super Goodness Nutri Boost Porridge, Original, No Added Sugar, dried (40g) – HEXB or 7.5 Syns Quaker Oats Warm & Crunchy Oat Clusters Apple & Cinnamon 8 pack (48g sachet) – 9 Syns Kosher Kellogg's Coco Pops Porridge (Per 100g) 397 Calories. With wholegrain The trouble is they taste too good! Delicious & delectable raspberries. Where to buy . The packet presents crispy oat and rice clusters mixed with pecan nuts and flavoured with maple syrup. This is a list of breakfast cereals.Many cereals are trademarked brands of large companies, such as Kellogg's, General Mills, Malt-O-Meal, Nestlé, Quaker Oats and Post Foods, but similar equivalent products are often sold by other manufacturers and as store brands Morrisons Triple Chocolate Clusters 500g 500g. Give your bowl what it wants OATS & MORE contains whole grain oats that deliver fibre, and we’ve added vitamins and minerals so you get goodness with every spoonful. Gentle in aroma from the sweet honey and with a delicious fruity flavour. Granola clusters are a nutritious, energy packed snack that is great alone or on top of vanilla ice cream or your morning yogurt. Our Story Home OUR RANGE. Calculate. Absolutely nothing artificial. Try a bowl of Almond OATS & MORE Cereal for breakfast today! This combination of ingredients deliver a moreish mouthful with and without milk. While I enjoy it as a snack, trying to get my kids to eat it isn’t always an easy task which is … Other. Calculate. Disclaimer. £3 48.4p per 100g. Non GM. 40g Aldi Everyday Essentials Porridge Oats, dried. Yes (1) No (0) 15 October 2016 by Snail. 22 Sins. They have recently rolled out (no pun intended) not just one new range of granola-inspired products, but three new ranges. Honey toasted oat clusters with chopped hazelnuts, pecans and sweet flame raisins. EAN 5000108467199 Brands quaker oats Weight: Weight: 48 grams Categories - breakfast, cereal, muesli, granola & crisp Price ASDA. 20 Sins. Other. Crispy, yummy oat and wheat flakes, sprinkled with oat pieces, with oat clusters and your choice of sliced almonds or juicy raisins! United Kingdom Quaker Oats Warm & Crunchy Oat Clusters Raisin & Sultana 8 Sachets . ASDA Ready Oats (%RI) 150 Calories. Quaker Oats, who is renowned for its porridge and cereal bars, currently only has one standard granola product. It also delivers a lot of sugar: 22 percent. Calculate. Other. Jordans Raisin & Almond Nut Granola 750g 750g. Granola in its simplest form is just crispy clusters of baked oats. I picked up 2 different flavours in Asda thinking they were on offer.. Nomadic Oat Crunch Chocolate & Yogurt. Kellogg's Coco Pops Porridge (per 27 g serving) 107 Calories. 5 Sins. I'm not really a cereal kinda person, but this is SO gorgeous, it is worth every penny. Nomadic Oat Cluster and Natural Yogurt is available in a raspberry flavour. Crispy, yummy oat and wheat flakes sprinkled with oats, with oat clusters and delicious sliced almonds. We have toasted the wholegrain oats into crunchy clusters and added a hint of natural flavouring For over 140 years, the Quaker family has been producing deliciously nourishing breakfasts from the mighty oat. Other. Small & sweet red currants Oatilicious... Read more Sainsbury's deals. Features & Benefits. 35g Tesco Flakes & Clusters Cereal. Alpen Luxury Oat Flakes & Clusters 23.2g 13.9g 1.5g 0.2g Jordans Crunchy Oats The Original with raisins, almonds & honey 28.8g 13g 2.4g Trace Jordans Crunchy Oats The Original with special fruits and nuts 32.3g 13.5g 4.2g Trace Kellogg’s Crunchy Oatbakes 32g 15g 7g 0.5g Kellogg’s Optivita Berry Oat Crisp 20g* 5g 0.9g 0.03g Calculate. Crispy, yummy wheat and oat flakes sprinkled with baby oats, with oat clusters and delicious sliced almonds Delicious crunchy oat clusters, mixed with tasty Almonds and crispy wheat & oat flakes Oats & More Almond: Fortified toasted oat and wheat flakes, covered in oat pieces with oat clusters and sliced almonds › See more product details. We no longer stock this item. Enjoy our lovely live yogurt nourished by the lush, green pastures of County Donegal, poured over crunchy clusters with Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant & Blueberry or Raspberry Fudge. The trouble is they taste too good! Win fun breaks for all the family 19 Sins. Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Honey and Nut Clusters (Per 100g) 447 Calories.