And I had just the space for one. Fireplace mantels always add so much character and charm to a room. But anyway, let’s get to today’s topic…building a fireplace mantle and wood surround. It’s cost-effective, beautiful, and really makes a big statement in a room. fireplace ideas This is a simple, clean and classic design that will work in any living room. The inspiration came from this image on Pinterest. When we bought our home, the existing gas fireplace was sitting on a tile insert in the corner of the room. How to Build A Gas Fireplace From Scratch has a variety pictures that associated to locate out the most recent pictures of How to Build A Gas Fireplace From Scratch here, and next you can get the pictures through our best how to build a gas fireplace from scratch collection. The hearth goes under the mantel and will be the foundation for your new fireplace. The fireplace is often the focal point of a room. There are many ways to design a hearth. A main component of Fireplace is its firebox. The more complicated question is how to build a corner fireplace surround. One last thing that you can’t see very easily from any of the images above, is how we ran some of the wires behind the bench. (1) Single piece of crown molding that … I’ve always loved how a fireplace mantel cozies up a room. How to Build a Shaker Fireplace Mantel and Surround - Woodworking — Philip Miller Furniture. Position the mantel around the fireplace. This is an easy project that features a mantel that appears both rustic and … A simple, clean, Shaker-style mantel. Depending on the tile you use, the design may be as simple as centering the starting position, as with subway tile, or as complicated as spacing decorative tile … In addition, if the opening of the surround is much wider than the fireplace itself, the gap can be filled with marble or brick slips, tiles, or simply left as bare brick or painted. Plans to Build Your Own Fireplace Surround [& Hide TV Wires]: Here’s the back of the fireplace surround as well. Remodelaholic. Many homeowners choose fireplace kits, which make it relatively simple to build a fireplace. The particular electric insert that we purchased screwed in on the sides only, so we decided to only do 3 sides to our box – left, right and bottom. Step 2 – Begin Making the Sections for the Fireplace Surround. How To Build a Fireplace Mantel. Use the measuring tape to make sure the position is ideal, and follow with the use of a level to make sure the mantelpiece is perfectly horizontal. In order for the electric fireplace to sit into the existing fireplace surround, we needed to build a box for it to sit in. Diy gas fireplace surround. Nothing in a … It’s not just the fireplace itself that catches your eye, but also the mantel that sits above it. I've been asked to make a walnut surround with mantle for the pictured gas unit and the thing gets very hot. This is the fireplace hearth now that the ugly pinkish marble tile has been cleared away. And the side view to show you how deep we made our fireplace surround to fit everything behind the tile. This fireplace mantel plan takes a dull stone fireplace and adds a fresh coat of paint and a live edge wooden mantel for a stunning makeover that would look great in any home. The fireplace opening is placed with steel frame glass door. A wood-burning fireplace pollutes; a gas fireplace pollutes less. It is a well-known fact that wood can burn, so it can be dangerous to put wood near the center of burning firewood. A fireplace has been high on my home lust-list for quite a long time, as much as I feel so lucky to live in a beautiful new build, I am quite partial to a home with a bit more character to it. (6) 1x2 by 8 foot furring strips for use behind the cabinets. Browse these videos and projects to get started! The hearth’s design is partially a matter of personal preference. However, it wasn't exactly level. My husband and I decided to build up a fireplace surround to give it a finished, beautiful look. Sand them with the sander until they are really smooth when you rub your hand over them. The process of building a fireplace can vary considerably, depending on the type of fireplace you want to build. Build Your Fireplace The first thing that you need to build is a hearth. Carefully adjust the mantel so that the fireplace is framed evenly, with the mantel extended an equal distance on either side of the hearth. (6) 2x4 by 8 foot #2 pine boards to build up backing behind the fireplace surround (1) 2x2 b 8 foot pine board to use as a cleat between the bookcase and the fireplace surrounds. Give your fireplace a quick makeover with peel-and-stick tiles. 01-06-2020, 10:04 PM. My fireplace surround has a small footprint and is versatile enough to fit beautifully with lots of decor styles. New wood that is either factory- or DIY-distressed can be cheaper than authentic reclaimed wood. It was functional, but it was pretty plain. Once the gas line was complete, we attached the firebox to the studs so it would be secure. Hope you enjoy this post! The old thin-set was in great shape for its age, so I decided to leave it in place. Materials. Step-by-step instructions below. The mantel can set the tone for the whole room, so learning how to build a fireplace mantel to replace an old and outdated design can lead to a completely different look. It is a well-known fact that wood can burn, so it can be dangerous to put wood near the center of burning firewood. DIY instructions to build a shaker style fireplace surround and mantel. I must admit…it looks damn good. Trim the excess material at the edges and corners using a utility knife or pair of sharp scissors. #DIY #shakerfireplace #fireplace. Gas Stove: Before. Use the glass door frame as a template for the sizing. If you are building a fireplace from scratch, the process is much more complicated. How to Build a Fireplace Hearth Prep the Fireplace Hearth Floor. Build the firebox itself with nine-inch refractory mortar and firebrick laid on edge. How to Build a Fireplace Surround Easy and Right: How To Build A Gas Fireplace Surround Another situation is with the question on how to build a wood fireplace surround. 6. A 'flat style' is set flush to the wall, a 'column style' is set out from the wall, and a 'cabinet style' is a column surround that serves double duty as a storage unit (think bookcase/display cabinet). Before purchasing a new fireplace surround, check the dimensions of the opening and make sure new items will fit. Trimming Out a Faux Fireplace Tile for the Firebox and Hearth. To build the side columns for the new surround, use MDF to construct two rectangular boxes with open backs. Nov 19, 2016 - How to DIY Fireplace Surround Here : DIY Gas Fireplace Surround. Determine the size of your boxes by measuring the distance from the brick to the edge of the mantel and then from the mantel to the floor. I’ll show you how I built this DIY faux fireplace mantel surround for my bedroom. Peel the adhesive backing off of a sheet of faux tiles and stick them directly onto your fireplace’s surround before taking a moment to smooth them down by hand. Saw out the boards you need for the sides of the fireplace surround. A flawless fireplace surround starts with a well-thought-out design and ends with an eye for even spacing. It was originally added to fireplaces during medieval times as a hood to catch the smoke and ash generated by the fire. Fireplace surround for gas fireplace/unit/heater - How To? The decision also needs to take into account materials needed for the hearth, facing, mantel and fireplace surround. Watch the video above to see how to build a painted fireplace mantel yourself! Last we chatted, we had finished adding the marble subway tile to the hearth and sides of the fireplace. In that case, before repeating the same procedure, you have to construct a wooden frame and install it around the fireplace that way, so that you could cover the space between the wall and fireplace and the top part with, for instance, MDF canvass or gypsum plasterboard. A fireplace surround consists of columns attached to either side of the mantle. You can build a fireplace surround for less than $100 by using new wood from a home improvement store and distressing it. Makeover your fireplace with a fireplace surround, new mantel or different materials. If you’ve ever thought about having a fireplace in your home, but don’t want to run a gas line, I highly recommend building an electric fireplace surround. Thankfully, modern technology has addressed that issue, and your fireplace mantel is mainly there for looks. And most importantly, I hope this inspires you to take on home projects of your own. How to Build A Gas Fireplace From Scratch Linear Outdoor Gas Fireplace Awesome No Vent Fireplaces Contemporary. Cut 2 pieces each of the 1 x 4, 1 x 6 and 1 x 8 boards to the same measurement as the height of the fireplace. The supports are a box shaped structure that surround the fireplace and become the new wall. Stikwood is one brand of factory-made replica reclaimed wood that sticks directly on the wall with pull-tab adhesive strips. Depending on the fireplace type you have, the inner hearth may also need to be built up to bring it to the same level as the outer hearth that you have installed. How to Build a Fireplace Surround Easy and Right: How To Build A Fireplace Surround For A Gas Fireplace Another situation is with the question on how to build a wood fireplace surround. The mantel on your fireplace is the decorative shelf just above the surround. We planned to use ventless gas logs, so we had a gas line put in prior to attaching the firebox. I’m very proud of our tiling work, as we’ve improved 100000x since last year’s bathroom fiasco. When homeowners decide to pursue gas fireplace installation, they’re actually making several choices beyond the choice of a gas fireplace, wood-burning model, or a ventless gas fireplace. Best of all, this craftsman style fireplace is easy to build and a great project for an intermediate woodworker or home improvement junkie like myself. How To Build A Surround For A Gas Fireplace + How To Build A Surround For A Gas Fireplace 23 Dec 2020 In my new shop, I needed dust collection, but didn't have room for a huge collector. Then, we tiled the fireplace surround up to the edge of the firebox and hearth on the floor.